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Who We are

GoFlow’s Mission

Our mission is cultivation of flow arts in our local, regional and ultimately global community.

We do this by teaching classes and workshops for all ages, skills, socioeconomic backgrounds, hosting flow arts gatherings for communities,

Our primary focus at this time, is teach youth/beginner workshops(with a particular affinity towards at risk youth outreach) but we have experience instructing all skill sets and age groups. Additionally, we offer ongoing public and private workshop series, professionally choreographed performance, as well as an established public fire space at your gathering.

Our hope is that we will inspire others to release inhibitions & concerns , through sharing flow arts, in order to Be in their daily life, so that they may receive the unknown gifts and lessons when you Go with the Flow.

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We are a group of object manipulators and flow arts from across the east coast who have come together in Asheville, NC to offer out passion to the greater community. We have over ten years experience between us at various festivals across the world.

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GoFlow is sponsored by Synergy Flow Arts, Spin Balls Poi, and Fractured Atlas.

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GoFlow was founded in Asheville and has run a variety of classes, workshops, community events. It is still a growing organization with its sites set on cultivating Asheville’s flow scene and greater community.

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